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Christmas Tree collection with 30 products

Christmas Tree
7 Collections
30 products

Maui collection with 25 products

2 Collections
25 products

Meadow Lane collection with 15 products

Meadow Lane
2 Collections
15 products

Mugs collection with 1 products

1 product

Placemats, Coasters, & Trays collection with 4 products

Placemats, Coasters, & Trays
1 Collection
4 products

Blue Italian collection with 62 products

Blue Italian
62 products

Delamere collection with 10 products

10 products

Giallo collection with 9 products

9 products

Judaica collection with 15 products

15 products

Christmas Tree  collection with 92 products

Christmas Tree
10 Collections
92 products

Woodland collection with 157 products

10 Collections
157 products

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Established in 1770, Spode manufactures elegant and timeless ceramics.

Josiah Spode I (1733-1797) founded the Stoke-on-Trent based pottery company, Spode, in 1770. His inherent skills and sheer dedication to his business lead to two major achievements that would redefine the pottery industry: the development of a winning formula for fine bone ...... Read More